Acrylic Display Stands Buying Guide

Do you want to show your valuable item / products at their best?

-All our display stands provide "hover effect" -Natural light will be illuminating from all sides, which makes dramatic effect on visual clarity of your valuable item. That's why we brand it as HOVERSTANDĀ®.

-In our stands we only use expensive high quality acrylic which is transmitting 92% of all visible light, even better than glass - so all natural light will come through to illuminate your item.

-Laser polished edges - making clear acrylic stand more visually attractive

Acrylic display stands can be used almost anywhere.

-For exhibitions and displays

-For retail: window displays, on your counter tops and in display cabinets

-For collectors: best view and elegant order for your collection

-And for you and your only idea

We are small family business based in Purfleet, Essex, UK. We sell different acrylic display stands under brand "Hoverstand"

You can send us a request if you would like to order large quantity or you need special acrylic stand design.

-100% Money-back Guarantee - Hoverstand are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

-Made in UK -We have 5 years experience in making quality products for exhibitions and product display in UK - you will enjoy the 1st class quality product

Have a look at our acrylic display stands (Hoverstands) and you can benefit from a nice view to your lovely items.

Kind Regards
Yaros Yelenevskyy
Company Director