8mm-thick-60cm-20cm-27.5cm, Max Load 6kg Acrylic Display Shelf- Clear Display Plastic Perspex Stand Riser Plinth

Do you want to show your valuable item / products at their best?

You can do that with Clear Acrylic Display Stands made by Hoverstand ( Other names: Display Shelves / Risers / Plinths / Bridges)

-Our stands are perfect for organizing and elevating items such as action figures, miniatures, ornaments, jewellery, flowers, memorabilia, models, candles, cakes, wi-fi routers, mugs and many more

- Experience the mesmerizing "hover effect" . On our display stand, natural light illuminates your items from all sides, enhancing their visual clarity and creating a stunning visual impact. This is why we proudly brand our stands as HOVERSTAND®.

-Made with high-quality clear acrylic and laser-polished edges, these stands are both durable and visually attractive

-Please check the required maximum load for each stand and the material thickness (3mm, 4mm, or 6mm)-See individual pictures

-7 years experience in making quality products for exhibitions and product display. Enjoy the first-class quality and 100% money-back guarantee with every purchase from HOVERSTAND®.

Buy it now and you can benefit from a nice view to your lovely items.

!!! Pay only 3.49£ UK combine postage for all stands (combine postage will be calculated automatically as you proceed ).